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Zootopia: A Hairy Tale of Race Realism

Panthering to Pseudo-Progressives

“Zootopia” is the worst Disney film I have seen in a long time. On the face, it promises glorious super-capitalism, but at its depths offers only the same venal system we know and hate. It first exposes police corruption, yet it then glorifies it. The bunny girl first exclaims that she will double the number of citations given, to which one hippo child says “My mommy wishes you would die.” But later, she uses extortion on the fox (whose ‘crime’ was little more than cheating the corrupt, prejudiced system; small-business entrepreneurship; even providing the mouse community with jumbo-pop sticks for their infrastructure). She even develops ties to the mafia, which she keeps throughout the whole movie.

Every animal in the city of Zootopia is patronisingly bigoted, but the movie fails as any type of allegory because its message lies in contradistinction to socioeconomic conditions in the real world. Although genocidal war criminal Hillary Clinton wants to label blacks as super-predators, and we are told at the beginning of the film that predators were once a danger to the prey, no such biological determinism exists among humans. In the end, “Zootopia” offers conflicting ideas and even potentially harmful racist comparisons, rendering any genuine social critique null. This serves only as an example of how not to introduce children, who are easily-impressionable, to racism using digitised animals. It does not display a proper concept of racism; it reduces racism to prejudices, as if racism is a series of uncomplicated misunderstandingsĀ¹. Historically, racism exists for economic exploitation. “Zootopia” does not even mention this. When we reduce racism to simple prejudices, we are at the level of comparing the plight of pre-Civil War slaves to mere social discrimination. I am also choosing to ignore that Comrade Shakira is in any way affiliated with this liberal garbage.
1. It is not.


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