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This is a blog to put out a commentary on topics of interest to myself and other contributing writers. These topics include social, cultural, and theoretical commentary. This blog isn’t meant to be academically rigorous or fully serious, but nonetheless it is intended as a blog to reflect on and ponder certain questions and themes from a peculiar left perspective. No promises are made that the reader will not be offended; in fact, you should eventually expect to be offended or at least have your sensibilities shaken. As this is not meant to be academically serious, humor shall inevitably find its way into things.

Besides the more intellectual comments, the goings on of our day concerning politics and social issues shall be covered insofar as they hold any interest or importance to myself or others who write for this blog.

[A.W]—What is my ideology?

None. I’m neither a “Marxist” nor “Hegelian” in any sense that I hold to some doctrine. I’m obsessed with acquiring truth and grasping as much of the wider picture of life as I can, and to this end I follow through not on ideological lines, but on logical lines. I hold to a concept so long as it convinces, and I am convinced insofar as it survives critique. I can, I have, and I will continue to change my mind on issues and concepts as I arrive at questions which force me to rethink things even if no one else is critiquing me. This is not to say I don’t have vested interests in my inquiries—of course I do! I just don’t dogmatically hold to an idea of what represents my interest.