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Atlantis: The Lost Empire—It Should Have Stayed Lost

What can be said of the movie other than that in a just world it would not exist? It seems no one truly wanted this movie: not Disney, not the writers, not the illustrators, not the audience, but most importantly not us Atlantis aficionados. The movie opens up with a quote from Plato, the only… Continue reading Atlantis: The Lost Empire—It Should Have Stayed Lost

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Blade Runner 2049: TFW NO GF

I can't say I was a big fan of the first movie, but watching this train wreck of a film makes the first seem like a masterpiece of metaphysical depth and subtlety. I watched the film and literally remember no names, so I won't use them. The characters, world, and story were uninspired, and according… Continue reading Blade Runner 2049: TFW NO GF

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Against Idiotic Discourse: /Leftypol/

/leftypol/ is a great place, full of fun and 'interesting' people. They recently this year collectively sponsored Richard D. Wolff's monthly economic update, and lots of normies were made of aware of this titan leftist board on the internet. A fortress of leftist freedom on a Mongolian picture site, surrounded by degenerate weirdos below it… Continue reading Against Idiotic Discourse: /Leftypol/

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The Secret Life of Pets: A Trotskyite Entryist Film

Degenerated Revolution In the movie "The Secret Life of Pets," we gaze upon the changing—the essential organic inner workings—the devir of a living and mutable revolutionary becoming. The animals are deprived of the possibility of autarkia—of self-determination—by the functions determined by capital. Society's dead-labor enacts upon those who are not only excluded from the labor-marketplace (for obvious… Continue reading The Secret Life of Pets: A Trotskyite Entryist Film