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The Revolution Will Not Be Theorized

Marx is famous for theorizing capital's contradictions and putting forth the theory of its downfall as the ground for the greater society to follow. Hegel famously did no such thing to critique his society, something for which the Young Hegelians endlessly critiqued him. Hegel, it is said, was all too happy to theorize what is without putting forth… Continue reading The Revolution Will Not Be Theorized

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Populism, Politeness, and the Moral Majority

Many have forgotten that the Left is supposed to be populist. Lenin knew this; he was a pragmatist. He understood Hegel's famous aphorism "the real is rational and the rational is real." This does not mean that what already exists is rational and requires nothing to be changed. It simply means that if we want… Continue reading Populism, Politeness, and the Moral Majority

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Against Idiotic Discourse: /Leftypol/

/leftypol/ is a great place, full of fun and 'interesting' people. They recently this year collectively sponsored Richard D. Wolff's monthly economic update, and lots of normies were made of aware of this titan leftist board on the internet. A fortress of leftist freedom on a Mongolian picture site, surrounded by degenerate weirdos below it… Continue reading Against Idiotic Discourse: /Leftypol/

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Safe Spaces, Political Spaces, and Infantilization

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV_hCWaIolg&t=1s Life isn't a safe space. It cannot be. The world exists to make us neither comfortable nor happy,  and no one else has a duty to ensure that we feel that way. Liberals and the identitarian* "progressive" Left have been obsessed with the notion of "safe spaces" for about the last decade. I'm not… Continue reading Safe Spaces, Political Spaces, and Infantilization


The Myth of Power

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wc2bYisCLw Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Everyone has heard and read this phrase many times over their life. Many stand by this supposedly deeply true and meaningful common phrase, and some of you reading this as well surely believe in the truth of this statement. It sure seems true; after all, look at… Continue reading The Myth of Power

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Capitalism As Theological Idealism

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeW9zbenQiY Capital comes dripping from head to foot, from every pore, with blood and dirt. —Karl Marx, Capital Vol. 1, Ch. 36 From a human perspective, capitalism can be seen as evil on a level which in prior history was unthinkable: evil in an objective, impersonal, and emotionless sense. Capitalism as a system seems to rise… Continue reading Capitalism As Theological Idealism

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Present the Facts, Not an Ideology

Leftists have a problem, a BIG one. Besides being today mostly drawing in awkward teens and tweens who are trying ideologies like fashion, or focusing on appealing to 'oppressed' peoples by casting the net of social activism and theory wide because inclusion is just nice, the Left has a more important and basic problem. That problem is the self-presentation and communication of the Left towards those who are not part of the Left. […]