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Atlantis: The Lost Empire—It Should Have Stayed Lost

What can be said of the movie other than that in a just world it would not exist? It seems no one truly wanted this movie: not Disney, not the writers, not the illustrators, not the audience, but most importantly not us Atlantis aficionados. The movie opens up with a quote from Plato, the only… Continue reading Atlantis: The Lost Empire—It Should Have Stayed Lost

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Analysis: FFX—Anchored in the Past

This analysis is speculative and grounded in a very technical consideration of concepts as well as an underlying theory of art from a Hegelian perspective. A rather lengthy analysis of the game's aesthetic unity as a whole through its individual elements. Contents: The Concept of FFX: Letting Go The Concept Through Individuals: Present, Past, Villains… Continue reading Analysis: FFX—Anchored in the Past

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FLCL: Medical Mechanica—Childish Adulthood

FLCL is one of those shows I love for the sheer base aesthetics of it. Yeah, yeah. There is the whole puberty/growing up angle underlying the story, the sexual tensions and metaphors abound, and there are also all the references to otaku and general pop culture, and I can appreciate all that, but I originally… Continue reading FLCL: Medical Mechanica—Childish Adulthood

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The Secret Life of Pets: A Trotskyite Entryist Film

Degenerated Revolution In the movie "The Secret Life of Pets," we gaze upon the changing—the essential organic inner workings—the devir of a living and mutable revolutionary becoming. The animals are deprived of the possibility of autarkia—of self-determination—by the functions determined by capital. Society's dead-labor enacts upon those who are not only excluded from the labor-marketplace (for obvious… Continue reading The Secret Life of Pets: A Trotskyite Entryist Film

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Angel’s Egg (天使のたまご): A ‘Reflection’

If you have not watched this film yet, watch it first. An enigmatic animation which leaves much to wonder, this film is set up magnificently from beginning to end. From the unique art style of Yoshitaka Amano to the soundtrack by Kano Yoshihiro, this film already grabs your attention by the sheer force of its… Continue reading Angel’s Egg (天使のたまご): A ‘Reflection’

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The Tale of Princess Kaguya: Divinity, Freedom, and Happiness

To say that the art of this animation is beautiful and refreshing is an understatement. The watercolor brush style is superb and unique in a world of anime dominated by flat colors and smooth lines. The story itself is certainly a timeless one of the yearning for happiness in a world mediated by notions of happiness… Continue reading The Tale of Princess Kaguya: Divinity, Freedom, and Happiness