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Blade Runner 2049: TFW NO GF

I can't say I was a big fan of the first movie, but watching this train wreck of a film makes the first seem like a masterpiece of metaphysical depth and subtlety. I watched the film and literally remember no names, so I won't use them. The characters, world, and story were uninspired, and according… Continue reading Blade Runner 2049: TFW NO GF


Why I Left Marxism

Perhaps one day I shall have thought sufficiently well and far enough to feel the confidence to write a kind of manifesto or theoretical plank list of just what I hope to see realized in the world. There were the days in which I was a hotheaded moral and abstract idealist who found it so… Continue reading Why I Left Marxism


Surplus, Nature, & The Nature of Surplus-Value and Property

Disclaimer: This essay does not present my personal views on property or value, nor is the concluding suggestion reflective of my own political stances. This was written in curiosity of what the basic thesis of exploitation and the claims on surplus lead to, and whether Marxists are being consistent with their end goals in making… Continue reading Surplus, Nature, & The Nature of Surplus-Value and Property

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Against Class Reductionism: Some Advice

A comment and response to a response made by Xexizy (also known and henceforth referred to as Muke) in reply to a comment on one of his videos focused on class and identity politics a long while ago here: Identity politics is still a big issue among us, and the Left in general is… Continue reading Against Class Reductionism: Some Advice

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FLCL: Medical Mechanica—Childish Adulthood

FLCL is one of those shows I love for the sheer base aesthetics of it. Yeah, yeah. There is the whole puberty/growing up angle underlying the story, the sexual tensions and metaphors abound, and there are also all the references to otaku and general pop culture, and I can appreciate all that, but I originally… Continue reading FLCL: Medical Mechanica—Childish Adulthood

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What Is to Be Done in General for Change?

The question to all theorists from both the theoretically interested and the practically minded alike is this: Given the state of wordly affairs is dismal and not what it should be, what am I as an individual to do about it? What should we do? To this question every theorist who is honest can only bow their heads… Continue reading What Is to Be Done in General for Change?